Friday, 20 October 2017

Adding Value in Your Workplace

"We're getting better, daring for more, building more confidence, more networks, more value everyday!" - Love Aludo

Every time you contribute to the success of an organisation, you contribute to yours.
You’re a high-flyer
You’re a go-getter
You’re an extra-miler
You got wealth of experience,
You’re a trouble-shooter.

It really is about you,
So pursue excellence and enjoy the journey.

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Monday, 3 July 2017

Scholarship For Nigerian Students _Online Interviews

Cannot wait to finally meet the candidates.

The SHIP Campaign's pocket money scholarship interview week! We got interesting entries, we had ties, Nigeria is truly blessed with amazing young people. Let's help them succeed!

Saturday, 1 July 2017


A note from me to you.

We have to learn to try again, there is more strength inside you than you are aware of.

In chasing big or small life goals, sometimes, we win, sometimes we lose, sometimes we give up thinking that we have done all we can, but in one instant, when it feels as if everything is about to fall apart, you will find your fight.

When you ask yourself what else should I do? How else do I go about this? Who else should I meet? And all the ideas come to you in a flash like you just took the NZT pill in the movie “Limitless”, that’s when you take the next action like your future depends on it and you will win, it’s guaranteed, you may not win as you had hoped you would, the result may exceed your expectation or simply bring you to discover a newer side of you, but put in your best..try all your options, be truly satisfied.♥️♥️♥️

"Dreams don't die a natural death, they are murdered.

Dreams don't die, people lose hope" (Love Aludo)

It’s not over until your joy is full. Here's a hug from me to you :*

Saturday, 18 March 2017


I just had a camera in my hand one afternoon and the first thing I started talking about was how to make things straight back home. The thing is, the narrative always boils down to corruption. Everything is stained, afected, the future may have to suffer for it, and the hopeless chant is that it may get worse, but is this really the end?

I feel that until shameless corruption dies, and people start thinking of the future of Africa, or maybe just Nigeria for example, then we can't have an educational system that attracts knowledge-thirsty students and researchers from all over the world, or that is even accessible to everyone in Africa who is interested in quality learning.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

SHIP SCHOLARSHIP: Opportunity for Nigerian Students to Dream Aloud

Hello Students, 

If your search for the SHIP scholarship has brought you here, then you are in the right place. 2017 is our pilot, and we don't have a website yet dedicated specifically to SHIP initiatives, so in the meantime, we will work with what we have, just as we are doing with the scholarship.
If you are in your first to 3rd year in College in Nigeria, you are eligible to participate, by sending an essay of 750 words or a video of about 10minutes maximum (anything less is also acceptable, we are looking to appreciate your content) on the topic :
DEADLINE: Last day of April.
SUBJECT OF EMAIL: Education in my country
SEND TO : (repeated to avoid errors)
We want you to produce something compelling and propose any solution you have thought about no matter how wild it is, and no matter how un-feasible it appears, we are looking for students with passion for development.
The price is N100,000 and one on one mentorship sessions with top ranking people in their fields.
Don't miss this, I have high hopes for you and I know you have even higher hopes.
Start writing everything you ever wanted to express, let's make things better starting with where we are.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


If you don't know where to start from or you have hired a teacher and you still can't speak the language you are trying to learn, this video will get you on the perfect start to accomplish that multilingual dream you have or that you need your child to fulfil.

I hope they help you as they have me!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Thursday Morning Humour After The Earthquake

Guess who was running naked?

My French flatmate who has this off again on again friendship with me and has decided to reduce it to an even wont-talk-to-you-unless-you-talk-to-me flatmate-tionship put up a very disproportionate argument the day we had that conversation about my singing in the morning. He wanted me to shut up whenever he's around, and then he stormed out and came back saying:

"You know what? My own hobby is walking about naked, I love to be naked around the house"

So, I asked him to have fun and be himself.

Like that is even anything close to singing in my room.

And I know he's  been doing that naked trip to the bathroom on some mornings but I have tried not to look, he's not that, I just shake my head and face my studies. (we have glass/slightly transparent doors so I see his image with no piece of clothing on)


Usually I would lock my door to bed, but that night of the earthquake, with our house having been rocked, I could'nt sleep, I left my door open to make exiting the apartment easier for me just in case.

So I was up and my door was ajar.

The bathroom is just adjacent to my room.

Still in fear and wondering what could have been, this young man who hardly talks to me unless I talk to him, nakedly passed by and his eyes caught mine, he should't have looked back at me, our eyes met but we didn't say anything in that awkward moment... I wasn't in the mood to say "eww", or "what!!!", so like an adult, I just shook my head and said :

"xxxx you need to start putting some clothes on"

The funny part  was when he was coming out, I purosely didn't close my door, even though I knew it was daytime and I was not as afraid anymore as I was all through the night,  hahaha, the way he ran....that thing got me laughing intermittently through out the day. It would just flash through my mind and I'd laugh.

It was the perfect comic relief in that time when I would normally have been preoccupied with the aftershock and how it rocked our building. I do wanna thank him.

The way he ran out, It was like Jerry in Tom and Jerry. First he peeped, with hands on junior, then he retreated..then zoom!

Haha...Please be my guest, be naked, hahaha, you sounded like you could carry it out successfully when you were shutting me up the last time. hahaha...the way he ran out...that marktime and speed

Don't get me wrong, my neighbour and I are cool sometimes, but he's just annoying, like Sheldon Cooper, and sort of looks like him too.